Is the quote free?

Yes. We will not charge you anything for Michael to visit your property and give you a quote for the work. A written quote will also be provided on request.

Do I need to be home for the quote?

It depends. We do prefer if you can be home to show Michael exactly what you want done.
In cases where it is obvious, for example only one tree in the yard or two palms out the front, we can stop by without you there and get in touch with you later to discuss the quote.

When can you come to do a quote?

Michael quotes on Wednesday and Saturday mornings usually between 7.30am-12.00pm.
When you contact us Sharon will check the scheduling for these days and offer you a time.
We aim to arrive on time but occasionally Michael can be running ahead or behind schedule. If you have time constraints we will do our best to accommodate you.

Can you do the work if I’m not home?

Yes, unless Michael has specifically asked for you to be present when the work is performed. When we call to book your job in just let us know if you can’t be there on the day.

Do you have insurance?

Yes absolutely. We have a $5 million dollar public liability policy which can be viewed here.

How much will it cost?

There are many factors which are considered before pricing a job, for example estimated length of time the job will take, staffing requirements, ease or difficulty of the work, accessibility to the site and cost of green waste disposal.
Michael quotes on a case by case basis with these things in mind.

Can I get a ball park figure?

It’s difficult to estimate just by a description. If you can email or text us over some pictures we can give you a price range but we will always arrange a site visit before setting a final price.
E: australianarborcare@hotmail.com
M: 0423 900 312

Can you come and just give me some advice?

Yes we can.
If you would like a health check and advice from Michael about your trees or palms we can schedule a time on Wednesday or Saturday morning to do this.
Cost for consultation is just $88.00 inclusive of GST.
Remember that if you do have work to be done our quotes are free.

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