Tree problem – No problem

Tree problem – No problem

Photo from the Wikimedia Commons: Flowering Grevillea robusta

Clever Dick – Case Study

Dick had a large Silky Oak that he wanted taken down in his back yard.

He knew the tree was far too large, about 15 metres tall, for him to attempt to cut it down himself.  Dick had a bit of money stashed away to get this job done by a professional tree feller but didn’t want to spend too much of his hard earned money.

One morning when Dick was filling up his car at the local petrol station he noticed a Ute at another bowser. The Ute had some signage on it advertising Australian Arbor Care with a list of services stating: Trees, Palms and Stump grinding. Feeling like it was a sign from above he waited until the owner of the Ute came back out.

Dick walked over and introduced himself to the driver which was Michael, the owner of Australian Arbor Care. He discussed what he needed done with Michael and arranged a time for Michael to visit his property for a quote whichwasfree of charge.

Michael visited Dick’s house the next day and gave Dick 2 options:

  1. He could cut the Silky Oak down and take all the material away at a cost of $1100.00.
  2. He could cut the Silky Oak down and Dick could dispose of the green waste himself at a cost of $375.00.

Michael suggested Dick use his Brisbane City Council green waste vouchers to reduce any fees with this option.

Dick thought option 2 was the perfect fit for him as he was happy to dispose of the green waste himself in order to get such a great discount. Dick booked the job in with Australian Arbor Care for the following week on the spot.


Then Dick had a really clever idea…

Aware that Silky Oak is a sought after wood for milling and furniture making he put a listing on eBay advertising the sale of the barrel or trunk of his Silky Oak.

In the ad he said that an Arborist would be felling the tree and the barrel would be available to be picked up from his home the same day. There would be around 6 metres of excellent millable wood.

Dick was excited to see the auction created a lot of interest and the sale price began to increase.

Ultimately the barrel sold for $295.00.

Dick made arrangements with the buyer to collect the barrel the following day when the work was being performed.

The next day Michael and his team from Australian Arbor Care arrived and safely felled the tree focusing on keeping the barrel in great condition as instructed by Dick.

The buyer from eBay arrived soon after and collected the barrel paying Dick the $295.00.

Dick was was extremely happy that his master plan had been successfully executed and happily paid Michael $375.00 for the work he had done


Win, Win, Win

All involved benefited from this real life case.

Dick had managed to achieve his goal of having the Silly Oak removed for just $80.00!

We saved time and money by not having to dispose of the green waste at commercial rates and more importantly had a very happy client.

The buyer from eBay had a lovely piece of raw timber to make a unique piece of furniture from, which may last for hundreds of years.


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